Dräger DrugTest® 5000

Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Saliva testing has many unique features that make it the right choice for employees, their Unions and employers, and business owners. A combination cost effectiveness, rapid and less invasive specimen collection and results relevant to risk of recent use make good business sense to adopt saliva as the specimen you use for workplace drug testing.
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Saliva drug testing and urine drug testing at your workplace provide the ability to determine recent use or habitual use. Saliva as a drug test specimen uses drug cutoff concentrations which correlates to acute impairment and drug levels in the blood. If it's in the saliva it's in the blood and if its on the blood it’s affecting the safe performance of tasks.

What’s important is that once NZ workplaces makes a decision to introduce oral-fluid testing, we have the experience and a suite of technology-leading verified products to support such a programme. Where sensitivity, accuracy and compliance are needed we are there to provide.

Latest News

  • Evaluation of On-Site Oral Fluid Drug Screening Devices

    I am very excited to share with you the attached study summary (Download) and the full report available on request (to ala@drugwise.nz ) of a recent oral-fluid device comparison by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the US. This is a trully independent trial of  saliva drug test devices internationally recognised as used for drugged driving policing and may help you in YOUR choice.

  • Drug use among older adults a 'hidden epidemic'

    Drug abuse among people over 65 year olds is a hidden and growing problem globally, international experts say, and worrying trends are emerging among New Zealand's older people too.

  • Testing for fairness

    [QUOTE] My regret is that we embarked on a testing regime that would lead to the loss of a number of our best people because of their lifestyle choices. It is sad and disruptive..