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Your Drugwise License owner for the Wellington region is Dr. Wayne Severn. Having a PhD in analytical chemistry, Wayne is undoubtedly the most academically qualified drug testing technician in New Zealand. This combined with a ten-year career as a drug dog handler, makes him extremely knowledgeable about the illicit drug industry and the negative effects it can have on the family, the community and in the workplace.

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Wayne is a community orientated individual having spent 25 years as a volunteer, culminating in being one of New Zealand’s first Urban Search and Rescue Canine Search Specialists. More latterly he has worked with the Limited Service Volunteer Programme and frequently give talks to schools and community groups.

Six years ago, Wayne realized that Oral Fluid (saliva) Drug Detection provided significant benefits over traditional methods and invested in this technology. Because it focuses on the risk of impairment; he expects it will become the industry standard for random Workplace Drug Testing in New Zealand.

As a proud member of Drugwise nationwide Testing Group, Wayne uses the Draeger DT5000 Oral Fluid Drug Testing System – the only device verified compliant by a NATA accredited testing facility to the new AS/NZS 4760:2019 standard – the Procedure for specimen collection and the detection and quantification of drugs in oral fluid.

When you deal with Drugwise, you can be confident you are getting services that offer superior methodology, an adaptable attitude, people who genuinely care about what they do and a standard of quality beyond reproach.

Wayne has had a long and successful career as a research scientist in pharmaceutical development, and for the Ministries of Science and Innovation and Primary Industries. These have provided him with the scientific and policy experience in his position as a Drugwise regional licencee.

Wayne also trains and handles dogs that have been independently validated as drug detection dogs. This is complementary to drug testing, and when combined with workplace drug policy and education, it delivers an end-to-end service that will provide clients with a level of comfort in relation to the Protection of workplaces, people and jobs.