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Drugwise Testing Group is a nationwide testing group servicing the growing work place drug and alcohol testing sector with Standards verified compliant and qualified testing services, identifying drug and alcohol risk in the work place by independent drug testing services delivered to your site with professionalism and consistent systems and quality managed in every NZ region, city or town near your business.
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Drugwise Testing Groups point of difference is the ability to provide Saliva drug testing on site utilising the Draeger DT5000 drug test analyser the only instrument verified to comply with the new New Zealand Oral Fluid testing standards released March 2019.

Whilst Saliva testing has been available for many years, and is widely used in Australia (including by Police conducting roadside testing as seen on television programs utilising the Draeger DT5000), the uptake in New Zealand has been slowed awaiting a NZ standard. Its here now and the March 2019 release of the new NZ Oral Fluid Standard was followed quickly by the verification as compliant by Victoria Institute of Forensic Medicine in Vic, Australia of the Draeger DT5000 analyser (verified to meet standard compliant cut off levels table 1 a).   Many New Zealand “safety sensitive” companies and industries have introduced Saliva testing utilising the Draeger DT5000 already, and saliva testing is quickly becoming the “test of choice” for work place drug testing to help identify potential impairment. 

Industries using saliva testing include construction (building/earthworks/roading/steel/ trades), heavy industry, transport and freight, manufacturing, farming, horticultural, adventure tourism, traffic management, and extensive use/adoption in the meat processing industry and forestry, amongst a wide range of other industries – the industries applying this excellent method are extensive.

Saliva testing is less invasive than urine testing and is preferred by employees and Unions whilst having many advantages for employers, the combination of these factors making good business sense to adopt saliva work place drug testing.

Oral fluid drug testing and the new NZ and Australian Standards for Oral Fluid Testing is specifically directed at the detection and quantitation of drugs in Oral Fluid recently used – and cut off levels target and reflect the acute impairment periods. This is particularly useful with Cannabis recreational users as this is the drug choice most adversely impacted by using urine for drug testing as it can identify cannabis metabolite for up to 4 weeks after any affect or impairment has resolved. Why consider inclusion of oral fluid as a test sample in your workplace?

  • Targets recent use
  • High cost of employee disciplinary or dismissal from wider cannabis detection windows of detection using a urine drug test
  • Employee and union demand for a fairer test of potential impairment – acute impairment
  • Less invasive
  • No cheating
  • No requirement for bathroom facility
  • Potential Cannabis law reform
  • Instrument process and read eliminates subjectivity of results interpretation

Despite the many advantages saliva has over urine many employers still use urine for a variety of reasons and Drugwise recognises this and also provides urine testing services having a range of urine standards compliant verified products and qualified personnel. Policy writing and educational and training services available.

For a more thorough appreciation of the DT5000, the comparisons and explanations of oral fluid and urine testing and a general overview including testimonials, please visit the website of our associated company InScience Ltd, owned and operated by Ann-louise Anderson Director and Quality Manager of Drugwise Testing Group. www.inscience.co.nz/drug-testing/

Through our association with InScience Ltd and the involvement of Ann-louise, Drugwise Testing Group has a high level of support, knowledge, experience, product, and credibility to assist clients address and comply with their responsibilities and obligations pursuant to Health and Safety at Work Legislation.

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