Testing for fairness

[QUOTE] My regret is that we embarked on a testing regime that would lead to the loss of a number of our best people because of their lifestyle choices. It is sad and disruptive..

From John Luxton on regenerationhq.co.nz

What became apparent to me was the inherent unfairness of urine testing. It favours alcoholics and punishes recreational cannabis smokers. While we are on the case, this has nothing to do with the pending referendum because as far as I am concerned, we should be vigilant in the workplace about not allowing people to work whilst impaired by any substance or liquid. A Yes vote on this subject would not have any effect on what we are talking about here. Impairment is impairment.

Recently I have learned about an alternative to urine testing. Saliva testing. It provides the opportunity to balance the field of sensitivity between drugs and allows avoidance of penalising recreational cannabis users in ways that threaten their ability to do worthwhile jobs.

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Ann-louise Anderson